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ESD-veilig stekkertype: Duits afneembare voedingskabel met IEC-C13 connector

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Velleman VTS60SF

This specialised soldering station has been developed to meet the present and future needs of the electronic production industry. The all metal construction coupled with the high performance ball bearing fan makes this ideally suited to production line assembly, service centres, work benches, colleges etc.

It incorporates electronic circuitry which enables the user to change the tip temperature from 250 °C through 450 °C without changing the tip or heating element. The transformer-less power supply ensures excellent temperature stability by accurately monitoring the minute changes in element resistance which occur in proportion to temperature variations.

The electronic optically isolated "zero voltage" switching used protects voltage and current sensitive components, such as CMOS devices, against transient voltage spikes, which can be caused by switching the power or heater on/off, or other environmental conditions.

The ceramic heating element is designed specially to bring the element temperature up to approximately 450°C at full setting in under one minute. The higher temperature allows for reserve heat to ensure fast recovery at lower temperature settings.

The high insulation of the ceramic heating element is over 100 Mohm and the tip is grounded to ensure leakage is less than 0.4 millivolts.


  • temperatuurregeling
  • nuldoorgangsschakeling
  • hoge temperatuurstabiliteit
  • snelle warmteterugwinning
  • metalen behuizing
  • gelagerde ventilator
  • actieve koolstoffilter
  • ESD-veilig


  • standaardpunt: Ø 0.8 mm
  • ingangsspanning: 220-240 VAC 50 Hz
  • vermogen (soldeerstation): 60 W
  • temperatuurbereik: 250 - 450 °C
  • temperatuurstabiliteit: ± 5 °C
  • vermogen (ventilator): 20 W
  • max. luchtvolume: ± 120 m³/u
  • afmetingen: 162 x 200 x 120 mm
  • gewicht (zonder kabel): 1.5 kg

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